Thank you for supporting our China – Japan Rowing Expedition!

2,234 km in a 7 m long boat rowing. Why 2,234 km? That is how many years have passed since Xu Fu set out on his voyage. 

Xu Fu Route Collage.v2
New Xu Fu Boat - Cropped

Sun Haibin ( 孙海滨 ) and Christian Havrehed ( 黄思远 ) have spent the past three years working close to full time and invested almost USD100k of their own funds to bring this project to fruition against all odds. 

They are indebted to numerous volunteers in China, Korea, and Japan who have helped them overcome expected scepticism, cut through red tape, establish trust, and get buy-in. They may be the only ones rowing, but in spirit there are many people helping them pull on the oars. Thank you for pulling, too. 

The New Xu Fu Voyage East ( 新徐福東渡 ) project is unique and on track to make expedition history. It deserves to be documented properly so that it will be possible to make a documentary and provide sponsors with bespoke footage. 

Between now and the Expected Time of Departure from China 25th May 2024, the pair is looking to raise USD180,000 so that the project can be executed without further financial worries and constraints.

Like always, there will be a SCR dimension to the project. This time the ESG focus is on UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 Life below Water.

You can support the project at 3 levels of commitment.

Gold Medal


Tailor made sponsor package where you wish to use the project to brand your own company and reap the benefits of extensive media exposure. Starting level USD20,000. If this is of interest to you, please contact Christian Havrehed. Mobile: +45 3156 1288 (CET). WeChat ID: HuaYueVicNik

Silver Medal


You wish to support the project by providing Sun Haibin and Christian with cash flow now in return for an inspirational talk for your staff later. Most companies use Inspirational Speakers from time to time, so this is an easy way to support even within existing budgets. Investment USD4,500 up.
Download contract to check out Christian and Sun Haibin’s speaker credentials and purchase your talk.

Bronze Medal


You wish to support the project at a minimum level of return by making a donation.

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