Cross-Cultural Adventures that Challenge
the Status Quo and Do Good

Christian Havrehed (黄思远) 
Explorer, Speaker, ESG Advocate,
Sinologist & EMBA

I believe Anything is possible!
Not everything, but anything.

There is not enough time to do everything, so you have to prioritise.
But once you focus and you want it badly enough, anything is possible!

And don’t forget to give something back.

That is the philosophy behind my adventures and my services.

By imbedding the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in our actions, we can keep the oceans blue, the forests green, and ourselves alive

Seems a no brainer ….

Christian Profile Picture

I help my clients by

  • Tailor-making inspirational talks to address specific needs
  • Making the ESG agenda come alive
  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Conducting Team building

Together we achieve more


What my clients say

A stimulating combination of adventure, initiative, bravery, philanthropy, and perseverance - hugely appreciated.

Rupert McCowan
Director, Hong Kong

Sun Haibin and Christian were excellent Inspirational Speakers ... professionally delivered, in Chinese, and of real value to our business.

Helmut Bröker
Chief Executive Officer, China

Christian was very, very addictive. I highly recommend Christian as a speaker and team builder.

ITT Inc.
Keiko Claassen
Executive Director, Italy