ISBN 7-208-05253-0
Shanghai People’s Publishing House &
DirectGroup Bertelsmann
4.86 /5
ISBN 87-11-11737-0
OBS: Tilgængelig som lydbog på Nota


An entertaining addition to the carpe diem genre ... experienced and armchair adventurers alike will enjoy accompanying the pair through travail to triumph.
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Havrehed has a kind of story that drops jaws ... before long the book will become a manual for adventurers. The beauty of his book is that he knows the story will tell itself.
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The Yantu Project was an audacious undertaking ... this book sends us a powerful message — that it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossible so long as there is trust in one another and a shared vision.
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This was a case of perfect cooperation between the culturally different China and the West. At the same time, for China’s non-government maritime activities, it was a successful experience of opening up our door and stepping into the world.
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