It is many a yacht man's dream to cruise to China. The scenery, the great rivers,
  the history, the sites, the peoples бн and then reality sets in.
  Most people think China is closed for cruising, but this is not the case. Check out
  Cruising China's coast and Yangtze river. However, it is difficult to get the right
  permissions and once you arrive the facilities are poor, but that is part of the
  In this section we will develop the 'Cruising guide to China', outlining how to get
  permissions, which ports to visit, where to moor, how to bunker fuel, what it
  costs and anything else you may want to know.
  This is a huge undertaking and support is most welcome. If you are interested in
  obtaining information about cruising to China and/or supporting our research
  efforts, please contact us.