We offer inspirational talks and team building to get your staff and management
  aligned to your corporate values and inspired to achieve more.
  In particular, we focus on developing successful cross-cultural teamwork.
  We base our training on our own ultimate Sino-foreign joint venture of rowing
  across the Atlantic Ocean unsupported. The downside in this particular joint
  venture was not to go bankrupt, but to die and the 56-day trip offered plenty
  of opportunities for disagreement and failure.
  Despite barely knowing each other at the outset of the journey we succeeded
  against the odds, outperformed expectations, and are still friends. In our tailor
  made talks and training we tell you how and why.

The Atlantic
Challenge - We are
all in the same
"If you really want
to then anything is
From 1/2 to 2 days

Minimum 20 participants
Duration 30-60 minutes

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  Our high-energy inspirational talks and team building are delivered in English,

Mandarin, German and Danish.

  Contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation.