Christian Havrehed
Christian (Danish Viking) has been working in Hong Kong
and China for the past ten years as a management
consultant, project manager, account manager, and
inspirational speaker for blue chip companies. He is fluent in
Mandarin, a result of having studied it at university and using
it at work on a daily basis. He currently lives in Shanghai.
Christian holds good relationships with relevant government
officials and has significant experience in planning and
undertaking China nautical adventures. For detail check out
his adventure CV.
  Sun Haibin
Project Logistics
Sun Haibin (Chinese ex-soldier) was a professional
endurance athlete for eight years before studying Physical
Education at Beijing Sports University and working in sports
event logistics and founding new endurance sports events.
Sun Haibin lives in Beijing.
Sun Haibin is a member of the Chinese Iron-man Federation
and is assisting with the coordination of the 2008 Olympics.
Sun Haibin knows how to move things along within the
Chinese systems and is a hands-on doer. Check out his
adventure CV.
  Veronique Faure
Marketing & Communication
Veronique (French) worked seven year in Hong Kong before
moving to Shanghai. She has extensive experience in
marketing and brand development, sponsorship evaluation,
fund raising and media communication.
Veronique speaks reasonable Mandarin, conducts
teambuilding training, and has successfully worked as shore
manager for a number of China nautical adventures.
    Zhang Jian
Senior Advisor
Zhang Jian (Chinese) is China's best know extreme sports
the athlete as well as Sportsman of the Year. He won these
distinctions through swimming feats, the best-known being
a 100km swim across Bohai Strait as well as across the
EnglishChannel. Zhang Jian lives in Beijing.
Zhang Jian is a household name throughout China and holds
excellent relationships withlocal and central government. He
is also a founder of several endurance races.