The team
  'Yantu' is Chinese for 'in a state of motion' or 'on-going' and that is what
  we aim to live up to: being 'can-do' and pushing back boundaries for what is
  The purpose of Yantu is to promote Mainland Chinese's interest in water sports
  and foreigners' opportunities for sailing to Mainland China. Whilst doing this we
  aim to positively influence Sino-foreign understanding and, when practical,
  raise money for worthwhile Mainland Chinese causes.
  China's has 18,000km of coastline, two legendary rivers - the Yangtze and the
  Yellow River - as well as more than 5,000 islands, but hardly any nautical leisure
  facilities, so even if you are keen to try out water sports there are very few
  opportunities. This clearly does not stack up and Yantu aspires to unlock the
  Yantu was founded in 2000. Our first adventure - The Yantu Project - enabled
  the first Mainland Chinese to row across the Atlantic Ocean and raised
  scholarships to provide Mainland Chinese students with international education.